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Have we got Travel Insurance appropriate for our needs?

We strongly reccommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance that is appropriate for trip & your party’s needs, just in case you should need to cancel or make a claim for another reason.

Remember Travel Insurance isn’t just for trips abroad or for cancellations. What if you lost your iphone in the sand on the beach? Or your Bike was stolen off your car while you were paying for your petrol? Would you be covered? 

At time of writing (April ’22) many inexpensive UK trip policies are available & some now include Covid cover as standard.

What are your cleaning protocols at Geufron Farm? 

We employ a local, professional cleaning company to manage all our holiday home changeovers.

They adhere to cleaning protocol guidelines from the Professional Association of Self Caterers (PASC). 

All towels & linens provided are professionally laundered at +60 degrees centigrade.

What if Geufron Farm had to close because of a UK government enforced Local or National lockdown? 

Should Geufron Farm be unable to open for your stay we will offer you your choice of either rebooking for another date or a refund in full. 

Refunds will always be returned to the original payment card.

What if my home address is subject to a UK government enforced Local or National lockdown? 

Our policy is that being locked down at your booking address constitutes an exceptional circumstance. We had this happen to guests in 2020 and should it happen to you we will offer you the choice of either rebooking for another date or a refund in full.

How can travel insurance offer peace of mind for a UK trip? 

Hannah caught up with Travel Insurance Expert, Helen Chambers to get you the lowdown on …

Will travel insurance cover anything COVID related?
What if you have to self isolate? or cut your trip short?
🇬🇧 What else should we look for in a UK travel policy?
When is the best time to buy a travel policy for maximum benefit?

Helen even shares a top tip that saved her family ££s on their travel cover for their holiday in Cornwall* later this year

* She assures me Wales is next on their holiday list 

Proud Members of PASC 

We love self-catering holidays here at Geufron Farm. Unfortunately, some see holiday lets as a way to quickly make money while disregarding even the most basic legal and health and safety requirements.

One of the responsibilities of the Professional Association of Self Caterers (Pasc UK) is to work with the government & local authorities to ensure that all self-catering homes in Wales & England are operated safely & legally. PASC UK also advocates for equal playing fields for self-catering holiday businesses.