Pool Code of Conduct

Please enjoy the pool safely this summer

This document sets out rules for the safe use of the outdoor pool at Geufron Farm.
We have tried to keep it as brief as possible, but it is necessary that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect of us so that everyone can enjoy the pool safely.

Our pool area is designated for our human guests only. Regrettably, we cannot permit dogs to enter the gated pool area under any circumstances. We understand that our furry friends are a part of the family, but this rule is essential to maintain the cleanliness and microbiological balance of our pool. If you’d like to enjoy some water fun with your dog, we’d be delighted to recommend nearby places where you can indulge in wild swimming together.

Pool facilities & facts
1. The outdoor pool is 12 metres long by 6 metres wide and 2.13 metres at the deepest end and 1 meter at the shallowest end (or 7 feet & 3 feet if you prefer). It follows an adverse camber slope between the two ends.

2. There are steps in both ends of the pool one corner for entering and leaving the pool.

3. The pool is heated with a target temperature of 26 degrees centigrade. As the pool is outside the actual temperature of the pool water will be influenced by the outdoor temperature at the time of use. Keeping the pool covered using the cover provided when not in use will help to minimise lost heat.

4. A lifebuoy and reach pole are provided in the pool area for emergency use.

5. All paving in the pool area is non-slip but care should be taken to avoid trips, slips & falls especially when you reach the slate steps.

Accessing the Swimming Pool
1. Use of the swimming pool at Geufron Farm is exclusively for guests of The Old Farmhouse & Little Cottage plus any associated bookings by prior agreement with Pool Manager.

2. Non-Guests of Geufron Farm may swim only by prior agreement with the Pool Manager.

3. The maximum number of guests permitted in the pool at any one time is 19.

4. The Pool is accessed by a locked gate. The access code will be supplied to the Lead Guest in advance of your stay and must not be shared with anyone outside of your group.

5. Please ensure that external gates are kept closed at all times and locked after use.

6. Please only use the pool during daylight hours. Night swimming or socialising around the pool area in the dark is not permitted under any circumstances.

Eligibility to Swim
Please ensure that members of your group:

1. are physically fit to swim.

2. do not swim after consuming a heavy meal, alcohol, recreational drugs, or strong medication/prescribed drugs (unless approved by your doctor); and

3. do not swim if they have currently or have had in the last 14 days any symptoms of a contagious disease including diarrhoea, cold with runny nose, throat or ear infection, vomiting, any infectious foot or skin condition or open wound.

No dogs in the pool or around the pool area
The pool is provided for use by human swimmers only. Dogs are not permitted within the gated pool area.

We’re not being stuffy, we love dogs too, but we’re betting that you won’t have your shoes on around the pool area and dangerous bacteria from dog wee or poops, even if they have been cleaned up, can easily be walked into the pool water and potentially then into your mouth. There are things that come out of animals that chlorine just won’t clean up. 

Keeping dogs out of this area keeps the water cleaner and safer for all swimmers.

Please always ensure that your dog is supervised and has access to shade & fresh water.

Use of the Pool
4. Two to eleven people may use the pool at any one time.

5. There must be one adult (over 18) for every three children (under 18) and/or non-swimmers

6. Children must be supervised at all times, whether in the pool or spectating.

7. Lifeguard cover is not provided by Geufron Farm. Visitors hire Geufron Farm accommodation & pool privately and use it at their own risk.

8. Please ensure that members of your group who still wear nappies use appropriate swimwear (e.g. aqua nappies) and dispose of all nappies in the accommodation waste bins provided.

9. The lifebuoy and reach pole are for emergency use only.

10. Private hire swimmers must not arrange swimming lessons in the Pool.

11. Please ensure that members of your group do not dive into the pool.

12. Please ensure that members of your group:

– shower before entering the pool. This simple step significantly decreases water contamination & increases the effectiveness of disinfectant in the pool, keeping it safer & cleaner for all.

– wear a swimming cap if they have long hair. This is to prevent hair becoming entangled in any part of the pool system.

– do not run in any part of the pool complex;

– keep all exits and fire exits clear at all times;

– remove plasters before entering the pool;

– wear a verruca sock if they have a verruca;

–  do not wear jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces in the pool;

–  do not bring any glass including wine bottles or ceramic items into the pool complex; Plastic ‘glasses’ are provided in The Old Farmhouse

– do not smoke in or around the pool complex or on Geufron Farm; again we’re not being stuffy. Highly flamable chemicals are used around the pool area are smoking in this area could be incredibly dangerous. 

– eat and/or drink only in the designated seating area around the pool, again this helps to reduce contamination in the pool and the need for additional cleaning & chemicals.

13. Please ensure that external gates are kept closed at all times and locked after use.

14. Please only use the pool during daylight hours. Swimming at night or socialising around the pool at night is not permitted.

15. Please leave the pool area as you would like to find it.

16. Please notify the Pool Manager on 07712 553 751 immediately of any damage to the pool or equipment in order that we can rectify it & keep all swimmers safe.

Accidents & Emergencies
17. Please read the Pool Safety Operating Procedure (comprising the Health and Safety Policy, the Normal Operating Plan (NOP) and the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)) a copy of whch is provided in your accommodation. 

18. The emergency exits are located as follows:

– Through either entry gate, down the driveway & to the meeting point at the main Geufron Farm Car park

19. A mobile phone with a useable signal must be accessible by at least one adult group member.

20. There is a first aid kit under the sink in both the Little Cottage & Old Farmhouse.

21. The address to give to the emergency services is:

Geufron Farmhouse, Geufron Farm, Bryncrug, LL36 9RW

The What3Words reference for the swimming pool area is: ///older.limitless.shipwreck
22. In the event of an accident please provide details to the Pool Manager on 07712 553 751 or by email at stay@geufronfarm.com

If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of your stay please contact us on 07712 553 751 or by email at stay@geufronfarm.com

Read in Full: Pool Safety Operating Procedure