Dog Capacity & Fencing

How many dogs can I bring? And what about fences?  Great questions! 🐾

Here’s the low down: 

The Barn (sleeps 4) & The Cowshed (sleeps 5) both have fenced gardens. Each of these properties welcome up to 4 house trained dogs. The minimum fence height is approx 1metre/3ft. The fences are made partly wooden slats and partly standard wire stock fencing. The Cowshed & The Barn share a wooden panel fence line between them. They also have a fence line with our sheep field giving beautiful views of the valley. 

The Granary (sleeps 2 adults) has a fenced terrace and welcomes up to 2 house trained dogs. The minimum fence height is approx 1metre/3ft.
Y Caban (sleeps 2 adults & 2 young children) has a wood fenced verandah plus a fenced garden. Y Caban welcomes up to 2 house trained dogs. Please note the garden gate is approx 80 cm so probably better for less inquisitive dogs. The minimum fence height is approx 1metre/3ft.
The Little co ttage (sleeps 2 adults) has a wood fenced garden terrace. The minimum fence height is approx 1 meter/3ft with some small gaps at the bottom. A gap exisit at the bottom of the gate and a board is provided to block this. 2 house trained dogs welcome.
The Old Farmhouse currently shares a parking area with The Little Cottage. This area can be gated off of both The Old Farmhouse & Little Cottage are hired together. Up to 4 house trained dogs are welcome at The Old Farmhouse. The minimum fence height is approx 1metre/3ft.
Dog Play Field: All guests also have unlimited access to our dog play field. The field is fenced with wire stock fencing. The minimum fence height is approx 1metre/3ft. The field is surrounded on two sides by a larger field which may contain sheep. 
Are the gardens “dog secure”? We don’t describe any of our gardens or our dog play field as ‘secure’. The security of the area really depends on the individual dog’s size, capabilities & needs. Gardens may have small gaps and the stock fencing may not be suitable for very tiny dogs. We’re very happy to answer questions about any of the garden areas & share photos to help you make an informed decision for your pet’s individual needs.
Large breeds or more dogs? If you have large breeds, or more dogs than are noted above, please contact me. I’ll be delighted to make a recommendation for which property would be most comfortable for your stay with your dogs. Our email is

We can’t wait to welcome you to Snowdonia!