As a guide the number of dogs depends on the size of the property so:

Y Caban – 2 house trained dogs

The Granary – 2 house trained dogs

Little Cottage – 2 house trained dogs

The Cowshed – 4 house trained dogs

The Barn – 4 house trained dogs

The Old Farmhouse – 4 house trained dogs

If you have more dogs than are noted above, large breeds or specific requirements please contact me. I’ll be delighted to make a recommendation for the most comfortable for your stay with your dogs.

The Barn & The Cowshed both have fenced gardens.  The fences are approximately 1 meter in height and partially wooden slats and partially standard stock fencing.  Each of these properties welcome up to 4 house trained dogs.

The Granary has a fenced terrace, the lowest point is approximately 1 meter,  and welcomes up to 2 house trained dogs.

Y Caban has a fenced verandah plus a fenced garden and welcomes up to 2 house trained dogs. Please note the garden gate is hip height so probably better for less inquisitive dogs.

The Old farmhouse & Little cottage share a front garden which is fenced but does currently have some areas that small dogs may be able to wriggle under. When hired together the shared garden space can be closed off. Up to 4 house trained dogs are welcome at The Old Farmhouse or 2 if just hiring The Little Cottage.

All guests also have access to our 4ft stock fenced dedicated dog play field.

We choose not to describe any of our gardens as ‘dog secure’ as that really depends on your individual dog’s capabilities & needs. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have ahead of booking to ensure that you have the most comfortable stay with your dogs.

Electric Vehicles

We have three EV charging locations within a short drive of Geufron Farm.