Doggy Code

Holidaying with your best  friend?

We created Geufron Farm after years of travelling around the UK with our yellow labradors, Ollie & Lily. We always looked for somewhere safe for them to visit, with plenty of outdoor space for zoomies and a space large enough for them to snuggle up in their favourite dog bed.

With walks right from the doorstep, dog friendly beaches all year round and a dog friendly local pub just a 15-minute walk across the fields you can be sure that you will have a fantastic holiday together at Geufron Farm.

The Doggy Code

We love welcoming your four legged family members on holiday with you and simply ask that you please:

• Book in & pay for all dogs who are staying with you. Please add £25 per dog per stay. This helps us to provide facilities for your dog to enjoy e.g. the creation & upkeep of our dedicated dog field.

• Guests travelling with a type of dog that requires an exemption certificate e.g. an XL BUlly type must declare their dog’s exemption at time of booking. Please see “A warm welcome to Exempted Dogs” below.

• Be neat and wipe your paws. If your dog needs a clean up please use one of the hoses outside & not the indoor human shower or baths. Please bring a dog towel to dry off.

• Keep sofas & beds for human guests only.

• Bring your favourite dog bedding, crate, throws, towel, food & water bowls etc

• Pick up your poops as they happen and pop them in one of the doggy bins around the farm. Free poop bags are provided.

• Check that you are satisfied that the area e.g. garden or dog field is safe & secure for your dog before letting them off lead. Each owner’s assessment of a ‘secure area’ is different as are the needs & capability of each dog. We leave it to you to make this safety assessment on behalf of your individual pet.

• Don’t leave your dog alone in the property, even for a short time. You might think they are ok when you leave them but trust us we hear them bark, howl, scratch and jump up at windows & doors when they are left alone. They would much rather spend their holiday with you & we’ll share with you all our favourite dog friendly places to visit, eat & drink together to make life easier.

• If other owners are using the dog field, please check you are both comfortable for your dogs to mix before entering the field area

• Keep your dog under control. Dogs must not be allowed to chase livestock or worry other people or dogs.

• Leave the cottage & garden clean & tidy. If the property requires significant additional cleaning or there are dog poops left in the garden, we will charge a minimum £50 fee to cover the cost of putting the situation right ready for the next guests. 

• Guests at The Old Farmhouse: Dogs are stricly forbidden to enter the gated pool area or pool water. We’re not being stuffy, this ensures the microbiology of the water is safer for all swimmers by keeping dog urine and poop out of the water. If dogs are let into this area we may close the pool for the water to be changed during your stay and your good housekeeping deposit may be retained.

A warm welcome to exempted dogs e.g. XL Bully Types.

We gladly welcome you to stay with your exempted dog on the condition that you consistently adhere to the exemption legislation throughout your stay including, but not limited to, muzzling your dog & keeping your on lead when in public.

• Notification of exemption
Please notify us in the information box on your booking form if you are travelling with an exempted dog. This will help us, to help you throughout your stay.

• Verification and Documentation:
We reserve the right to request a copy of your dog’s Certificate of Exemption and proof of your third-party insurance at any time.

• Public Spaces Consideration:
The dog play field is considered a public space, as it may be accessed by staff, other guests, and their pets at any time. While we encourage guests to coordinate with others before entering the dog play field, we cannot guarantee this.

• Fenced Gardens
Each owner’s definition of a ‘secure area’ varies, as do the needs and capabilities of each dog. We do not assert the security of fenced areas, including gardens. Pet owners are responsible for assessing safety before allowing their pets off-lead & for their pets & childrens behaviour at all times.

If there is anything you are unsure about before booking to stay with your dog, please do get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help.

If you are unsure about anything before booking to stay with your dog, you have a greater number of dogs or very large breeds please do get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Snowdonia!